Sales Invoice show number of items in stock when selecting

Is it possible to show the number of an item in stock (not the product number the stock level) in the dropdown box when selecting a product on the sales invoice.

I realise I can check stock levels separately but it would be really handy to see when selecting an item if it is in stock or the last one to make reordering easier.


Currently you can’t do that.

I was doing some playing around with inventory the other day on a test business (my actual business doesn’t sell inventory), and this was the biggest thing I noticed as well.

So I’ll add my support to this request - it’d be very useful if I were to start selling inventory in future.

It would be a huge help to me as well. It is the main reason at this stage that I think I cant switch over as it adds too many steps to the sales process. I would need to keep checking levels rather than being able to jot down low items as I find them.
Thanks for your help.

Have you used the Report - Inventory Quantity Movement, this enables re-ordering for low items.

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Yes I have but that would mean going back and forth between the sales invoice and the inventory report. Most of my stock comes from overseas and I want to combine orders to make it worthwhile.
I suppose it is just the way I am used to working. I jot down items as I process the sales and notice that I am running low. Also there doesnt appear to be a low stock warning report so I will wait till it is a feature in the sales drop down box which if enough people want it it will end up happening.
Otherwise great program I have already got a few friends onto it and it suits them as they dont carry such a large inventory as me.

Users either print it off periodically and use it for the jot downs, or, have it open on the desktop as a pdf report.