Inventory Items filter goods in/out of stock

Is there any way to filter Inventory Items to show items in stock and items out of stock?


No, not in Inventory Items tab.
You can carry out a Report under Reports tab. There is an Inventory section there.

Thanks for your response. Yes I imagine that there is one in reports, but what I am really interested in is just a quick filter option to view items in stock so I can see what I need to invoice. Creating a report is a bit superflous as I don’t want to a report. I just want to filter the view.

For the moment, I will just scroll down the inventory items until I come across items that are in stock and thus need to be invoiced. Thanks

It’s more complicated than that. You could have items which you have purchased but not yet received. Or items you have sold and not yet shipped to customers. This means quantity shown in Inventory Items tab is not necessarily what you have physically on hand.

E.g. Manager could be telling you, you have 5 widgets on hand but when you go and look into the room to get 1 widget to dispatch to your customer, you might find out you really have none because your supplier didn’t deliver those 5 purchased widgets yet.

Upcoming warehousing module will deal with this problem.

Until then, just do what you are doing now. Then there will an easier method to monitor quantity on hand.

Yes, I agree with all your points, which is why I am not too worried about changing anything as I can just scroll down and see what is in stock. Just to explain where I coming from, I am not concerned about what is physically in stock per se. What I am interested in, is using the inventory to check that I have actually invoiced the client for everything. So bascially if is there is something in inventory in Manager, it means I have forgotten to invoice the client for that! I am not concerned with where the actual goods are as such!

Now that we have the status quotes for sales quotes, sales orders and purchase orders, this requirement for inventory stock check is less relevant although I will still use it as a foolproof check to see if I have invoiced everyone for all goods bought. So all I was looking for was a simple filter to show only goods in stock but more for invoicing purposes rather than for sales purposes.

I will wait for the warehousing module as its not an issue to go through the inventory and pick out anything that is not 1 or more items in “stock”

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I agree with dalacor. If we have a list down view (or a stock report) to check what is in stock and what is not, this will help us know if everything is invoiced.

With regard to your concern on scenarios that the units may have not actually been delivered by supplier, and other similar situations, this report will still help us pinpoint what the items are that are showing in stock, so we can subsequently check if items were received in warehouse, and where the problem is .

I would also like to see and print a list of inventory items above “0”

This special view to see all inventory items where quantity is not zero is something custom reports can do. I’m still working on documentation for custom reports and hopefully sometime next week it will be available.

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