Sales invoice feature request!

  1. How much item is left in inventory should show while we creating bill …
    As before issuing bill we have to check one by one and it takes lot of time …
  2. Item comes in different packaging . And we have around 5000 different kind of items … so while creating items there should be an drop down option like box packing , master packing etc … which contain actual no of pieces in a box
    And then while creating invoice if I select 2 boxes from drop down then it will automatically write 20 pcs . If a box contains 10 pieces.

For 1 - it would be much quicker for you currently to just do the invoicing (billing) and then check the inventory by clicking on the Inventory Items tab and see if any Items have “Back Order” listed - if no Back Orders then everything is in stock.

Think about the case when you have to issue let say 20 items. Will the scenario be same ???

20 or 100, the scenario would be the same.
Create the Sales Invoice and then check the Inventory Items tab, if no Back Order Items are listed then all the Items are in stock - no need to go one by one and all that time is saved.