Inventory available quantity

I have too much items
And when I go to make an invoice I must to check there balance firstly
Is there a way to add ability to show the quantity for each item in invoice window

Why do you need to check quantity? You can create invoice with inventory items even if quantity is zero or negative.

I need to check cause I deliver the goods from the warehouse to the client directly
So I want to know if the balance are available or not remotely

hello,i am having same problem.i need to check inventory every time i make a sales invoice.I need to make sure if quantity available.Is there a way when making new sales invoice dont accept qty if it is less than inventory qty.

Searching I came to this old topic ,which is prettty much what I need.
Many times I need to sell all of what I have in hand, so is there a way to know the quantity in hand when I make an invoice ?

Not currently unfortunately.

You have to go to Inventory Items tab and search the item you wish to know the quantities for.