Stock shown during invoicing

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Can manager shown stock level during invoicing its a useful thing.?

like this pic

No. But you can open a second Manager window to check. Techniques vary by operating system. Search the forum for methods.

It sounds easy to add this festure to Manager, to show the inventory status for selected unit… or have it as a “comment” when you stop the mouse on top of the QTY field…?

Perhaps not as easy as you think, since Manager operates through multiple browsers and operating systems.

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I wish this happend b’coz its very use ful

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As far as I understand, the stock is kept as a value in Manager’s database… it should be super easy for @lubos to add this to the program, as long as it makes sense to have it for many of the users, regardless of the browser and system type each user has… All of them have access to the database…

I imagine that if it was “super easy”, it would have been done by now

I can think of many reasons why it isn’t “super easy” - for example do you include stock that’s in all locations or just some locations, do you include stock “reserved” for other orders, some companies only order stock when they have an order, the stock is not held as a value but is calculated from opening + receptions - deliveries,


I think the method is already made since Manager is able to show stock but not exactly there… so I still believe it is super easy :wink:
Nothing is impossible for him who does not have to actually do it… right? :wink:

there are other things to do in the ideas category. This is to be decided by the developer only. Nothing is easy on here. Everything is rolled in modules. so just hope ur suggestion make upto ideas category.

@Joe91 is right, if the stock in question is in multiple locations, how will Manager know which location you are transacting from?

And even for those who need manager to warn on low stock, how will Manager know the location the user is operating from? There maybe 50 in location A and 0 in B and customer is buying from location B. Manager won’t know of the situation in location B so long as there is stock in A.

It quit easy to check balances from the inventory tab as @Tut suggested but what if a user is restricted from the inventory tab? One thing I know is that in every serious working environment someone is responsible for checking inventory balance and it should be easy for the person to check it from the inventory tab.

I am closing this topic. The suggestion of showing inventory while invoicing is already in the ideas category: Inventory zero warning. That topic is broad enough to cover this one.