Display QOH when selecting item in sales invoice

Is it possible to see the inventory of the items in sales invoice?
I have uploaded a picture with the illustration of what I mean.

Is there a way to do this with html and custom invoice?

Is this idea what you were wanting

Kind of but I want to be able to see my stock at all times.
Not warn me when it reaches 0.
Employees keep making orders with items even when they are in the negatives. When the item stock reaches 10 they should stop selling that item (this is in case of returns, complain, etc,).

The only way to monitor the items is to open inventory in another tab and searching the product yourself. This takes too long which results in long customer lines at the store.

It sounds like you are trying to use Manager, an accounting system, for Point of Sale and Stock Management system in a retail operation with a large number of inventory items.

This may be a mismatch between your requirements and software features

That is part what has been discussed it the above idea by others using Manager as you describe.

I voted for that idea a year ago.