Sales Invoice - sales tax summary

Our tax authorities require the tax summary shown on the invoice. This summary shows total amount of sales and its tax amount and the gross total… Is there by any change any possibility of having this information on the printed sales invoice?

by default Manager already displays all these information on the sales invoice when you select proper tax codes for line items.

please explain with necessary screenshots so that users can better understand your requirement.

summary of tax.pdf (111.3 KB)

Hello, thanks for responding. Please see the summary of tax in the attached invoice sample. What our authorities need is the invoice to show that small table at the bottom that shows a summary of tax pertaining to the invoice in question.

Yes you can get this results by creating a custom theme.

Dear Ealfardan, thanks, I do not know how to do that. can you please assist?

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Thanks noted. May you please give infor on how to work on custom theme?