One minor improvement need in TAX Summary report

In our tax system there are total 15% TAX/VAT… 12.5% + 2.5% additional VAT. And we need to pay Tax separately to the government. So I need feature that in tax report you sow one more collum for the 12.5% & 2.5% additional tax. I hope you understand what i want to say.
Please see attached photo for details. Thanks.

Manager will not support what you want yet. The way to handle multi-component taxes is with a custom tax code. See this guide:

Normally, though, all components go to the same Tax payable account. It is possible, however, to define separate liability accounts for the individual components to keep separate totals of how much to pay on each tax. The problem is that the tax reports do not support component-by-component reporting.

Ya I Know, And I am using It. Manager display tax separately in Invoice…But Manager dose not display the tax separately in Summary. So I tell that minor update need…

Hello team Manager, Is there any way to manager display this VAT 12.5% ans Add TAX 2.5% in a different column in TAX summary report???

I already answered your question: no.

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