Sale receipt

Is it possible to have a sale receipt for same customer are paying direct and full payment,and we no need to create a invoice (print out showing receipt.)

When you “receive money” under Bank accounts or Cash accounts, receive money transactions are “viewable” so you can print it or email it to customer.

OK noted

Okay.but from where we can edit Receipt Template ?
Like I want to write on Reciept :Received with Thanks


How do you get to the ‘viewable’ screen so you can print and email the customer the receipt? I can only see how to update the payment in the Bank Account section.

Also as techenhnace asked earlier, how do you edit the receipt?

I’ve come across the ‘Send Customer Statement’ option but is there are way to edit this, e.g. adding the comment “Received with Thanks” to the bottom? Or to even changing the title from Customer Statement to Receipt?

@kami_kara, see my answer on the other thread where you asked the same questions:

It also appears you are confusing receipts, invoices, and statements. A receipt documents an immediate transaction in which money changes hands. An invoice creates an obligation for a customer to pay a supplier. This can be your customer owing you money on a sales invoice or you owning your supplier on a purchase invoice. Statements are summary reports of invoices and/or transactions on a particular customer’s account over a defined period or including all unpaid invoices.