How can I issue receipt to client?

If the company receive the money from customers for sales, a company should issue official receipt to relevant customer. Example is given below.

When the receipt will be issued. it should be recorded in cash book or Bank Book as debit and credit to relevant Debtor account. kindly inform me whether I can do this.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Use the Receive Money function under whichever bank or cash account you receive the money into. Read the Guide at Manager Cloud. View the resulting receipt and print.

If you want the balance due information, you must generate a customer statement under Reports. To do that, you must enter the customer as such under Customers tab. If you don’t intend to track the customer’s buying history, you can just enter the name directly as Payer when receiving money.

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Thanks for your reply. there is no option to print that page. that is great if it is possible to change like invoice. Invoice template is there hence we can change the presentation of Invoice.

There is a print button on any payment or customer statement.

What are you referring to? Change what?[quote=“Janaka, post:3, topic:5685”]
we can change the presentation of Invoice.

You can create your own sales invoice view templates under Settings

You are right, there is “no” print buttons for individual Receipts

This really depends on your local customs and the payment type - cash, credit card, cheques etc.
If you need to issue receipts you could use preprint Receipt Books, then the duplicate (carbon copy) could be your transaction source. Alternatively you could use a Cash Register.

I am not sure what @Brucanna is referring to when writing:

A Receipt for either a cash or bank account can be printed by first clicking on its View button, then on the Print button at the top of the window when the Receipt appears.

@Janaka, you have not responded yet to indicate exactly which “page” you were referring to when you wrote:

If you were referring to something besides a Receipt for money received or a customer statement, please specify.

Receipt is a Formal, written acknowledgement that something of value has been received. as you stated
It is possible to issue receipts using receipt book. but it can be generated through as my example, we can reduced works and the said deposit may be recorded in ledger automatically by debiting Bank book and credit respective receivable account easily.

If the Template of Receipt can be accommodated under the Settings - view templates. ( Now We can see only sales Invoice) we can change it based on the requirements of the company.

I am using server Edition. I know that Sales Invoices can be issued through Manager.ol and we can make lot of changes to it using View Templates. it is perfectly designed. my problem is receipt. if i follow the following path i can’t find out print button.

Bank book/Cash Book - View ( I can see only Account not a receipt)

if I press received money button, then receipt is appeared for entering details but it can not be print as there is no print button.

There is a Print option for Receipt

Sales Invoice → Click on the Balance Due → View Receive Money then there is a print button

Thank you so much i found it