Cash Sales

How do I Make Cash Sales Invoice, Now I have made a cash sales A/c in customers and have to receive them invoice by invoice. If there is a Plain Cash Sales Invoice it will be very helpful and time saving.


What do you mean with cash sales invoice ?
What the difference with non cash sales invoice ?
I think sales invoice will always be a sales invoice whatever payment method that the customer use.

Right now we have to make an invoice and then receive this takes 2 steps to complete the transaction. One to make an invoice and another to receive the payment. But is there any option where cash sales (which are paid at the time of making the invoice ) be done? No need to to do two process to complete the transaction. One transaction and the sale is done and the cash is received in the account.

You can simply go to Bank accounts or Cash accounts tab and record sale there.

Then you categorize the sale to some income account instead of Accounts receivable or Customer credits account.

u can make like that but you are not getting default print based on your template. please make a dropdown menu to make it cash sale or credit sale it would be easy

where and how could the dropdown menu be set up? thanks

It can’t be set up

I think @JissAbraham means to create the dropdown list as Custom Field to Sales Invoice section of Custom Fields screen and type there your values and when create you invoice you can select from the list.

Then you have to design custom template for printing Sales Invoices containing the custom field.

That’s the way I’ve done it.