Sales Invoices & Cash Receipt

After making a invoice, I click receive money and click new cash transaction and select the cash account. The screen that used to show up was sales invoices / Sales invoice but now the screen shows is this sales invoices / Sales invoice / Cash Receipt. What do I have to do so that this sales invoices / Sales invoice screen shows up.

A slight change occurred when breadcrumbs were added to screens in Manager. Now, when you have created a new cash transaction, you see the cash transaction you just created. This is consistent with how the rest of Manager works: you see what you create or update. To return to the sales invoice from which you started to receive money, click Sales Invoice in the breadcrumbs at the top of the screen:


Please can you advise how I mark an invoice as paid.
Thank you

First of all, in the list of Sales invoices the status of the invoices is shown Paid in Full, Due in 3 days, etc along with the balance due

Once an invoice is paid in full, it has a Paid stamp on it when you view or print it

Is that what you need?

You may need to update to the latest version, if you are using the Desktop version

This is only true for the default, Plain, theme. Other built-in themes do not have the Paid in Full or Overdue stamps. However, you can create a custom theme that has the feature by copying code from the default theme and inserting it into your custom theme.

Yeah I know that you can click on sales invoice.

I didn’t know that it was something new, I thought one of the employees clicked something and maybe pinned cash receipt.

Thanks for your reply

Hi guys, regarding this topic I wish to know (in desktop version) how I can make a invoice due in to a invoice paid when the client pays in cash after issueing the invoice

create a Cash account as per guide Set up a cash account | Manager
then select the cash account in Received in section of the Receipt. Record a receipt | Manager