Official Receipt

I just want to know is there any original receipt feature in Manager. If you do have, where can i get the feature and do you have tutorial to do that. I really need that function as we always receive money and i don’t know to get the receipt.

Select the cash account where the money is received, either a cash on hand account or a bank account. Click on the Receive Money button and complete the entries. After creating the record, you can view and print it. It will be labeled as Receipt. Hopefully, that will provide what you need.

When I create the record as per your instructions above, it goes straight back to the account screen. It does not give an option to view or print the transaction, only an option to edit and update it. Would you have any idea how to get around this?

Also, is there any way to add text to the bottom of Customer Statements?

Thanks in advance for your time :smile:

After creating a receipt, click on View. You can then Edit, Clone, Print, or Email.

Customer statements are reports, to which you cannot add notes. You can do that on invoices, however.

Thanks for your speedy response. I guess my problem is then a very basic one: how do I create a receipt?

Nowhere in the program have I seen the word receipt after scouring through it. Would you mind talking me through the steps?

Thanks in advance.

Read the Guide: Guides | Manager

Always check the Guides first when you have a question. They don’t cover every tiny detail, but they cover the basics.

I’ve already done this but as I said in my first question, it goes straight back to the transactions in the accounts screen and doesn’t give an option to view or print the transaction. Please see attached picture. Am I in the wrong screen?

@kami_kara, you must be using an older version. In newer version, there is a View button next to Edit button.

Sorted!!! Thank you so much guys!

Your service and your work with Manager is amazing. :smile: