Rounding the amounts


kindly Im asking if we can make Roundup amout like : 2,830,245.22 to be 2,830,246 , by making this option in Number format in manager preferance , so in this feature we can choice if we want the format with rounding or not like attached .

Would you really want all numbers rounded off?

When generating sales invoices and sales quotes you have the option to round off the total by rounding down or to the nearest whole number. In what other situations would it be helpful to round off?


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May I suggest to have this Round off the total option to be made available in the Purchase Invoice too. The desktop version. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

You cannot have an option for rounding everywhere, because books won’t balance. Transactions must be entered at their exact amounts. The only reason rounding works for sales quotes and sales invoices is that you are determining the price you are charging. Rounding is a price adjustment.

Rounding is inappropriate for purchase invoices because you must match your supplier’s invoice. This has been discussed in the forum several times before.

Thanks for your clarification.

In my country, Malaysia, we have rounding adjustments too. At the end of the bill, you will see a row labelled as Rounding Adjustment, just before the total. I would have to make these adjustment 1-3 cents every time I record a payment. Changing the amount on the item price, as stated in your guide, is workable but would affect the total amount we spent on that item in our annual report. Hence, giving a false value of that certain product.

Having said that, no big deal if it can’t be implemented. Haha

Yes, but only to make it equal to the price you actually paid. If your supplier rounds an amount, the supplier is making a price adjustment to you. You then record it at the rounded price. If the supplier does not round, you record the price at the unrounded amount. Both ways, your records are accurate and match what you paid.

needed rounding off options in purchase invoice @lubos . Many are waiting for that update.

I don’t understand - you enter the amounts your suppler invoiced

Can you explain why you need rounding off options on a purchase invoice with an example?

@manishkumarshivam Why? Surely on a purchase invoice you enter the amount exactly as displayed on the invoice you receive, whether it’s a rounded number or not? Otherwise your accounts won’t balance. Just as @Tut described above.

If you have a case where you have multiple line items on the invoice from your supplier, and then an extra line at the end rounding the total off, then you can just add this line on your purchase invoice as well. Which account you assign that to will depend on whether the items you’re purchasing are going into inventory or are expenses (as I understand).

read this thread. @Joe91 @GrahamvdR