How to round off the total amount

sir I was creating a purchase invoice as I make the final amount after adding tax it was 19295.85 tell me how to round off the amount please help

Purchase invoices should only be rounded to match suppliers’ sales invoices. See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

it is ok but I need to round off the amount I have in my purchase like suppose I am having a bill which is 15250 +762.50(tax)=16012.50 but I need to round off the total amount of bill it must become 16013 please help me in this

Read the Guide I linked to.

create an account called Purchase Rounding under Expenses in your chart of accounts.
when entering a purchase invoice, add a line and select this account with the difference amount.
as per your example enter 0.50 to make it 16013 and enter -0.50 to make it 16012.

can I do the same with sale invoice??

For sales invoices you have the option to round the totals. Select any suitable rounding method from the options.

ok thanks alot