Rounding in Purchase Invoice same like in Sales Invoice

@lubos can I suggest to add rounding feature in Purchase Invoice please?


Why would this be useful? A purchase invoice should be entered to match what the supplier sends to you. If the supplier rounds, you should enter the supplier’s rounded number. If the supplier does not, you should enter the precise number.

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As per me Its needed, I have one example, as in Image,
Here in Image you can see the Total amount is 551.25, And Supplier provide me the Item at 105 / Pc
After the 4% & 1% Tax calculation, Total is 551.25 Rs. But supplier provided rounding Total So it will be 551 As round to nearest… But here, We do not have any method to rounding the Total Amount of Purchase Invoice.
So as per me, Purchase invoice must have this facility as In Sales Invoice.

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It may be better, when entering a purchase invoice like this, to add a line for posting to a Rounding Differences account. Your entries might be positive or negative, depending on which way the supplier rounded. Over time, the account should stay close to zero. If you used an automatic rounding scheme, there is no guarantee Manager’s scheme would be the same as all suppliers’, since some could actually round according to a defined procedure, but others might just truncate fractions. Still others might round to convenient amounts, such as 550 instead of 551.

This way, all your tax amounts are precise and correct. I suspect the rounding is equivalent to a cash payment discount in most cases, since most suppliers would not want to anger you by rounding up.

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Ya You right… Thanks, This is the solution for me.

Sorry for Re-opening this topic, But in Purchase Invoice it dose not display Rounding Expense OR Rounding Differences Account In Expenses… Is it Bug or I do anything wrong?

Main Purpose is I have one Purchase invoice and its taxable amount is 7562… after Tax Calculation @12% the amount is 8469.44. Supplier provided -0.44 as a Rounding off.
But In manager We do not have direct option of Rounding in Purchase Invoice. As I previously Talk in this topic, Solution provided by @Tut was solve my problem at that time, But now I face this problem. Any solution? OR I do anything Wrong?

I cannot understand your question. You have not explained exactly what you did, so it is impossible to know whether there is a problem. Describe your steps exactly and post some screen shots so we can see the actual numbers.

But that’s when the supplier rounds before adding the taxes. My supplier adds the taxes and then rounds of to nearest.

In such case, I cannot add a Rounding line to the purchase invoice, since that would change the tax amount too. Therefore, I also suggest that we add a “round to nearest/round up” for purchase invoice (like in sales invoice)

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No - you are wrong, the above example has the taxes added first (7562.00 + 907.44 = 8469.44) and then the rounding (0.44) is entered to bring the total back to 8469.00 - which is exactly the situation you described in your post.

If a supplier rounds the taxable amount before the taxes are added (say from 7562 to 7560), then the taxes must relate to the rounded amount (7560), they can’t charge taxes on the original amount (7562) as then the taxes wouldn’t equal 12 %: 907.44 / 7560 = 12.003 %

in your Given Solution photo… You was must create One new Account Head in Expense with the name of


But my main point is… Account head "Rounding Expense" is already present in Manager by default, which is used in Sales Invoice if we use rounding option when making sales invoice… But this “Rounding Expense” Account head is not display in Purchase Invoice.
I hope you understand this.

Photos displays the account heads of Purchase Invoice…

Nor is it displayed in the Sales Invoice, it can’t be seen in the Account drop down.
It is a control account that is only used/seen “if” the Round off the total is ticked.

Until that rounding tick box is provided in the Purchase Invoice, yes, you have to create your own account.

Yes You Completely Right, Its Not also display in sales Invoice. We just can tick the Round off the Total.

I want, this all rounding Expenses in one Account Head If possible by manager.

i would like to bring up this discussion again.

in purchase invoices the rounding option like in sales invoices is not appropriate, for the same reasons @Tut mentioned in a reply earlier

but the ability to select the default Rounding expense under accounts when creating a purchase invoice will be very helpful. there is no point in creating another expense account which is supposed to provide the same function as the already available expense account. this will only make things more complicated having two accounts for the same function.

I request @lubos to look into this matter and provide a solution in the coming updates.

I believe you did not think this through far enough. Your supplier will virtually always be rounding downwards. Otherwise, the supplier would be overcharging you. So rounding differences on purchase invoices will not be expenses, but could be looked at as a form of income or a reduction in price, depending on the exact circumstances and possibly local law. The_Rounding expense_ that is triggered by sales invoices is always an expense, because it is the result of you rounding down.

true that.

i defer. most accounting software available in the market round to the nearest value. anything below 0.5 round down and above 0.5 the other way. the exact same reason we have Round to nearest available in Manager.

back to the point, so this rounding should be a sub-account under the Accounts payable.

i didnt think much about this…
is it wrong to put it under non operating expenses?

Rounding adjustments cannot be subaccounts under Accounts payable because its subsidiary ledgers are suppliers.

Putting them under non-operating expenses would be untraditional but can certainly be done.

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the rounding difference is something we have to pay our suppliers, irrespective of whether the value is reduced or increased. so this value has to be shown in the Accounts payable, else the payment which is made as per the supplier’s invoice will either be shown as an excess or underpaid wrt the rounding value.

And there is no option to select the Accounts payable account with a description Rounding which could have solved this issue.

the purchase invoice looks likes this after adding a round off item (shown as expense)
so the accounts payable gets incresed by 1382 (before the payment)
as the rounding off is being “bought” too.
the inventory in hand (after goods reciept) shows the value 1233.70

and rounding off as an expense account shows 0.26