Options of rounding off the purchase invoice amount after tax is added

There should be option of rounding off the total amount after tax is added. My supplier rounds off the amount after tax is added while it can not be done on the purchase invoice. This creates confusion

Yeah, there is no rounding on purchase invoices but nothing is stopping you to add one more line item (with negative amount) to bring total on purchase invoice to the same amount as is presented on original invoice.

this is not the solution sir,

If the Supplier rounds off the Purchase Invoice after the tax has been added, then that rounding is an additional item to the taxable items on that Purchase Invoice and the solution is to show that additional item as a separate line entry.

If you like, the rounding off is equal to a settlement discount which is recorded separately to the invoice’s purchases.

Why do you think this is not the solution, @Bilal_Kharwa?

if u can add round off in sales then why not in purchase ?

can u post a picture of what u r saying so i can find exactly what u say about solution,

Because with the Sales Invoice you control the amount of any rounding, with the Purchase Invoice the Supplier controls the amount of the rounding, nearest dollar, nearest ten dollars, nearest hundred dollars etc.

Without the rounding the following Purchase Invoice would equal 1362.41, but the Supplier rounded the Purchase Invoice down to 1362.00, so the 0.41 is taken up as a separate amount as a discount given

thank for reply i appreciate your advice

I’m having this issue on my manager, I followed your advice but I don’t know why manager don’t show “-0.30” at Rounding

It appears you have entered the -0.30 as a payment against the invoice and not included any amount on the Rounding line item in the invoice itself. Can you post a screen shot of the edit screen for this purchase invoice (rather than the view screen)?

Also, what did you want to round the purchase invoice to? Since there are no decimal places in any of your figures, why have a rounding amount of -0.30?

This is the edit screen.

And the payment

And The Purchase invoice after paid

What version are you using?
are you using any custom theme?
have you set a suitable number format under preferences?
did you create the tax code or used an in-built tax code?

I’m using Manager 17.10.8
I’m not custom theme for The purchase invoice or Payment
About number format, I chose 123,456,789.00. If the number format has 123,456,789, I will choose it, :smiley:
Abt tax code, I created a new custom tax code.

are you sure you have not used any html codes to modify your theme?

Manager by default has two decimals for all numbers. And your invoice do not have any decimals upto the Total. Also you have not applied any rounding.

10% of 2423893 is 242389.30 and your invoice do not show the decimals.

your invoice total should look like the below

@AnnaNguyen, you are making changes you are not telling us about:

  • Version 17.10.8 did not exist when you posted your first question, so that could not have been the version you used.
  • The Rounding line has disappeared from your purchase invoice between your first and second screen shots of the finished invoice.
  • The amounts paid as shown on the two screen shots are very different.

No one can help you when the situation has changed but you do not tell us.

Manager behaves exactly as it should when I reproduce your transaction, as long as it is used correctly:

  1. Set base currency to Vietnamese Dong. Even with the number format set to 123,456,789.00, this eliminates decimal values and the need for any rounding entries.
  2. Create a tax code for GTGT 10%. There is no need for a custom tax code unless the code is not GTGT. (This, however, has no effect on the numerical results.)

41 AM

  1. Enter the purchase invoice and select GTGT 10% tax.
  2. View the purchase invoice and spend money to pay it, leaving the full, default amount untouched.

The resulting purchase invoice after payment is as follows:

46 AM

@AnnaNguyen, there is one more thing to be aware of. Because your currency has no subsidiary units, you must leave your base currency set at VND. When Manager does its internal rounding, it does not forget the exact amounts. So if you switch back and forth between VND and no base currency or another base currency with subsidiary units, those rounding amounts can reappear. This can throw off Accounts payable and will show up on purchase invoices as balances due.

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This is not true. For VND (and possibly other currencies) Manager eliminates decimal places automatically.

thanks for the info. i did not know the currency had an effect on the number format.

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Thank you so much!!! :star_struck:
Thanks for your help!!!
I got it!

Its true that the Supplier controls the Rounding off…and the round off can be +ve or -ve value.
Also its true that the round off should be shown just above the “Total” for the purchase invoice.
So there should be a text box which should be under the human control who enters the purchase invoice and not under the control of the software.