Round all amounts to zero decimal places

I would like to keep all my accounts rounded off. Presently I just changed my preferences to Japanese yen but this also changes the date format. Please keep a setting option where one can choose number of decimal places in currency based on ones requirement?

Why would you want to do that? Your currency you are trading in doesn’t have decimal places?

Small coins are out of circulation so all amounts are rounded off. Also it is a really good software easy to understand and use.

So you really need rounding only when issuing invoices. Is that right?

Yes, also my purchase invoices come in rounded figures. Without rounding it is causing differences in payments and bills everywhere.

In the latest version (14.8.36) you can check the Round off total checkbox to have invoice total amount rounded down to whole number.

Thanks for including this feature. There is still a problem with it though. It doesn’t round off properly.

For example:
110+14.5% Tax is 126 (15.95 tax rounded to 16) but it rounds it off to 125 (15.95 tax rounded to 15)

Also can you make this for purchases also?

And set default option.

Current implementation rounds down to whole number. In future it will be able possible to select from more rounding methods.

Is it possible to move the rounding feature to higher priority?

I have been struggling with the rounding feature like the others, except we don’t drop everything below zero.
In my country, cents are no longer circulated though we still use cents when doing RFQ.
In the invoice, we use standard rounding method (round down if below 4; round up if above 5).

My particular struggle is that say if a purchase invoice amount is 101 before tax (106.05 with 5% tax), then when I receive the money amounted 106, I need to go back and adjust the invoice to 106 with tax inclusive. Otherwise, there will always be a 0.05 unpaid amount left in the invoice.

This may seem small work but when there are tonnes of invoices that need to be reworked this way, time does not seem to be well spent.

I’m a bit confused. You mention purchase invoice but it seems you are talking about sales invoices. In other words, you need sales invoices to support traditional “banking” rounding method too, right?

The problem applies to both purchase invoice and sales invoice, since when receiving or spending money, the decimal problems arise in both cases.

Where are you from? It seems like this rounding requirements applies to specific countries only. It is uncommon to round off invoices in most countries I’m familiar with so I’m just curious.

By the way, you mentioned example with 106.05 which needs to be rounded down to 106. In this case, you can use current rounding method that will remove decimals. So all you need is support for “bank rounding” that will be able to handle cases to round up .50 and above right?

Regarding the rounding issue, the bank rounding method is correct.
For example, 10.49 is rounded down to 10.00 while 10.50 is rounded up to 11.00

I’m from Taiwan.
I imagine the same situation applies to other asian based countries.
In your previous statement, we do quote down to cents.
Since we don’t circulate coin that small, we use bank rounding when we do invoices.

Hopefully this clears any confusion.

Just wondering when you will be working on adding more rounding methods?

It’s on my to-do list. I might finally get around to do it tomorrow.

Looking forward to this update!

Many thanks in advance!

Added to the latest version (14.12.14)

Thank you so much for the update.
This will save me much time.


Btw, can the same rounding method be added to the Purchase invoice section since the same rule applies to both sale and purchase invoices in the general practice in my country?

Many thanks in advance.