Round all invoice amounts to two decimal places

When I enter a % discount on an invoice the total column changes to 4 decimal places. This makes it difficult especially is the customer pays cash. How can I change it to round to just two decimal places?

First, what version are you using? Make sure you are up to date.

Second, what currency is set, if any?

Third, are you specifying any rounding method on the sales invoice?

Version Manager 15.6.52. Not sure how to tell if I’m up to date?

Currency is NZD.

I can’t find where to specify the rounding method on the invoice.


Don’t worry about rounding when editing or creating invoice. That’s just data entry. When you view the invoice, rounding will be applied.

In future rounding could be applied during editing too (just to make it more user-friendly) but that’s something I will address in future as it’s fairly minor issue.

Check the Changeling on Manager’s home page. You are a little behind, but not much.

There is a dropdown box, the third entry field from the top.