Rounding question

When I enter calculation in the unit prize field on sales order, I can’t get it rounded off to 2 digits, and when I copy to sales invoice I can only round the total off to 0 digits.
Is there a way to solve this problem???

Rounding is not available in sales orders because sales orders have no financial impact. They do not affect the balance of any account. So there is no point to rounding.

Rounding on a sales invoice rounds to the nearest or next lower unit of currency. Why is this a problem? Changing to something else would not be rounding. It would be a price change. If you want to do that, edit the unit prices on the invoice.

Suppose your invoice came to 1234567.89. Manager can certainly round to 1234567 (lower) or 1234568 (nearest). But how would the program know you wanted to round to 1234570 or 1234600 or 1235000?

In all spredsheets you can normally round off to 2 digts ( 123456.55677y = 123456.56).
When I do a calculation in the item price on sales order level it’s find not to round off, but when I use the function copy to sales invoice I have to manualle edit all the unit prices, which are a lot. But if there’s no solution to this problem I must live with it.

Rounding, as that term is used in Manager, applied only to the total of a sales invoice. My previous comments were written from that perspective.

The behavior you describe for spreadsheets is not rounding, but control of displayed numbers. The actual numbers in the spreadsheet are not modified unless you use a ROUND function.

The reason unit prices can be shown to more than two decimal points is to avoid disagreement with the Amount on a line. If the unit price is 8.5625 for 200 units, for example, the Amount would be 1712.60. But if you were to display the unit price as 8.56 (the rounded value), the Amount should be only 1712.00. The customer would think you are overcharging.

If you want the unit price to be two decimal places, edit the unit price. But understand you will get a different Amount.