Rounding problem

I have one supplier invoice that i can’t make total look like what they sent…
all products have 2% discount (i changed the penultimate to 1% to make total look right)

so, that will make 20.12€, if i put 2% in the penultimate one, will make 20.11€… (after update green is pressed)
the last one is freigt-in.

You didn’t say what the total should be ?
But, that is where you need to use a Rounding Account, so the invoice is correct (or adjust the Freight-in amount to reflect the rounding required)

the problem is: 20.1289 should be 20.13 in the invoice list, isn’t?

Then make the Freight-in 3.9011. The problem is that 3rd & 4th decimal point aren’t adding up to a round 2 decimal point number.

Forgive me but is it necessary to have four decimal positions? I think setting it to two decimal places will solve most rounding issues since your supplier also would be using such number format.

Also, I thought the number format in Manager can be set only upto two decimal places.

where do you force the use of only two decimal places?

On the top tab in Manager, select Preferences and set your preferred number format.

I don’t see any option there with anything above two decimal places.

I have 123,456,789.00

That is exactly the reason i asked you if its necessary to have more than two decimal places

i don’t see the point of your question, i don’t use 4 decimal places, it’s not my fault that 1.98€ minus 2% is 1.9404, manager have to deal with it

My point is, if in your country the usual practice is to have two decimal places, why not set a number format as per the same. Manager works the way we set it to work.

your post shows your supplier is using a two decimal format, then why do you use four decimals?

Manager will round the value only according to your preferences. The rounding is different for two decimal and four decimal respectively.

lol where i use 4 decimal places? i don’t use them! maths is done by manager, no?

“it’s not my fault that 1.98€ minus 2% is 1.9404”

putting 3.9011 will give 20.1201 total, BUT when you press UPDATE, will give 20.11€

sorry my mistake. the line items total is calculated irrespective of the decimal places set under preferences.

you will have to adjust the values accordingly so that it matches your supplier invoice. try putting freight as 3.92

Manager when doing calculations uses as many decimal points as required so that the impact on rounding is minimal - but is only displayed up to four. To limit to do two decimals as you suggest will cause even more problems. Consider this: 1.2346 x 10 = 12.346 or 12.35 rounded, but 1.2346 rounded to two decimals - 1.23 x 10 = 12.30, a variance of 0.05

This was based on your screenshot above showing 20.1289, so adding 0.0011 will equal 20.13.
However, if you have changed the 1% to 2% for the second last entry, then you need to adjust the 3.9011 to suit the new circumstances…

I understood. Thanks for clearing that. Some more knowledge gained. :slightly_smiling_face:

like i said "putting 3.9011 will give 20.1201 total, BUT when you press UPDATE, will give 20.11€"
the problem i see, is manager having multiple rounding approaches across the view panels

Manager does not round until the transaction is posted, that is you push the Create or Update button.

Your supplier may be rounding in any of a number of ways on his invoice. Manager does not provided a way to control rounding on purchase invoices because there is no certainty that it would be the same method as used by your supplier.

There is a guide that explains how to handle your situation: Adjust rounding differences on purchase invoices

I prepared your example in Excel so you can see that Manager is correct;

Summing the Amount column gives a total of 20.1201

Rounding each line item and then summing the After Rounding column gives a total of 20.11. This is what Manager does after you click the Create or Update button.

this makes no sense, when we click update/create only total should be taken into account, makes no sense to have two ways with two total