Restricted Users from Viewing Other's Sales Quotes

When I have two or three restricted users with access only to Sales quotes, I would like to have an option to restrict my Sales people from viewing each other’s quotes… Is this possible? As the number of users and the size of operations increases, this will slowly become a critical issue for me to avoid confidential prices being leaked out.

Good point. There are constant improvements to user access control. The next step is to implement more granular options within tabs. For example, some businesses don’t want to give their staff access to all bank accounts but if staff is using business credit cards for expenses, they would like to give individual staff members access to their credit card account only so they can keep it up to date.

Your requirement is similar to this. I’m still gathering more feedback but so far it looks like the best way to implement this is to add concept of “ownership”. This way you could choose whether restricted user should have access to all records within tab or only to records they “own”

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Yes and another similar option would be great. When you have two or more sales persons working individual then they should be able to see only their customers! and only their quotes as thauseef suggesteed. This is very crucial when people are being paid upon the customers and work dealed in a certain period.

Lubos, Exactly! The concept of ownership is what I was talking about! :smile:
You have explained it perfectly. This implemented would really take care of the crucial issue we are currently facing.

Do you see this coming up any time soon? It is turning out to be an immediately critical need for my business.

Lubos, was wondering if this was something you could put on your roadmap. It will make excellent sense in a multi user environment. For me this would be a really amazing feature… we are currently growing our employees so I want to avoid them looking at each other’s quotes.

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This hasn’t been done yet but I’m already making progress in setting up permissions within tabs. For example, it’s now possible to restrict users to see specific cash accounts only.


Since I started using since 2014, I am waiting for this Sales Quote User Restricting viewing other Restricted Users Sales Quotes

Somehow you managed all these years without it :blush: