Disabling user to view other quotes, invoices

I run 5 sales points and currently using one business to record all transactions as business to business transfers aren’t possible. Just few days back i faced some troubles with my sales persons and the collaboration they used to have before using this software and realized that their create sales invoices, quotes and customer and supplier receivable/payable needs privacy from other sales persons. One sales person should only be able to see his own invoices/quotes/customers list/supplier list and his activity (invoice creation/cash transaction) be immediately updated for the adminstrator to review or restrict- which i believe would be proper user permissions in the software

Could anybody let me know how i can separate as explained above or any feature suggested previously before my post and is in the roadmap or something? I will be grateful for your good advise. Thanks

This is not currently possible. There was another proposal how to restrict access to specific bank accounts so this is similar issue.

My thinking goes that each object (invoice, quote, bank account etc.) could have an owner. Then permissions could be set whether access should be given to all objects or only to objects where person is an owner.

Running multiple businesses within the one business would seem to be the core of your problem and besides - a bad accounting practice. If each business was run separately then “your” issue wouldn’t occur.

You can do business to business transfers now by using Intercompany Current Accounts in the BS. Even if Manager had company consolidation capabilities, (postings across companies), you would still require Intercompany Current Accounts, so why not use them now.

Has this been added to the server edition yet? i just installed it and I can’t for the life of me find this.

You will need to create the intercompany account manually and post relevant entry in both businesses separately.

Ahhhh I see. Okay, thanks.