Is it possible to restrict user from viewing all the bank accounts?

On the restricted user feature, I am unable to figure how to restrict the user from viewing certain bank accounts. For example, I have 5 bank accounts and I would like to have 2 of the 5 accessible for the purpose of receiving money and issuing receipts. Or is there any way around to it?

Not at this moment. I was struggling with the same issue and made an extra cash account for electronic payments. Then restricted the bank accounts, since I don’t want them to show at order entry. The next day I transfer the total amount of the previous day to the Business Bank Account, therefore clearing the electronic payments “cash” account. So our sales person only sees the petty cash account and the electronic payments “cash” account.

I know this is just a workaround, but maybe you can think of something else.

I can comprehend your workaround. I am wondering have you encountered problems reconciling or tracking them? Most of my data has been entered into the Bank Accounts, and if I create a new Bank “Cash” Account now, and have my staff enters new entries using this Bank “Cash” Account, will I have issues?

I don’t think you can reconcile cash accounts with manager.
For me, using cash account, works because all electronic payments are combined by the creditcard company and transfrerred to my bank account one day later.

I definitely want to dig deeper and allow more granular access control within tabs. For example one idea I have is that you will be able to set the “owner” for each bank account.

When giving access to Bank accounts tab, you will be able to select whether user should see all bank accounts or only those where he is the owner.

The reason why I prefer “owner” concept is because it translates well to other tabs. For example, if you give access to Sales invoices tab, the restricted user could see only invoices which they have created (where they are owner)

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Lubos, I think it might work as per your suggestion. Not only to be able to set “owner” to the bank accounts, it should be in the cash accounts as well. Even better if there’s a list of users to select or multiple select to use the accounts.

Let me explain: I am in the education business, I have 2 personnel handling our incoming and outgoing finances. The first person handles the incoming, and I would like her to be able to use both selected Bank Accounts and selected Cash Accounts. The second person only handles the outgoing, she is strictly allowed to use and view the Petty Cash Account. So, in order for this to happen, the simplest way I could think of is to be able to select users for use of the accounts.


That would be great

This feature has been implemented in the latest version (16.5.11)

When you are setting up user permissions, after you check Cash Accounts option, you will be able to select which accounts user can access.


Thank you so much for the wonderful implementation. The manager is improving and hope it will have a wide range of community soon.

I just realised this @lubos, good job done.