Journal Entries disappears

I am using this software since one year and I have updated the version yesterday.
Everything was fine and I continued to use the software.

Today I opened it and there is only 17 journal entries and I should have around 810 entries.
There is only entries related to VAT and Dividends and one related to tax.

I cannot retrieve others entries.

Could help me to retrieve them otherwise I will need to type 800 entries!

Thank you

I would like to add that when I try to write a new journal entry the bank account is not anymore available and it is available on chart of account into the asset part;

Why I cannot write a simple purchase? where is my bank account? it is impossible to select it

Thank you

Quite some time ago, the ability to record monetary movements into or out of cash or bank accounts with journal entries was eliminated. Now, you must make those transactions in the Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts modules.

But your transactions are not gone. They are visible under the Bank/Cash Accounts balances. See the Guides at and You can do everything you used to do, and more.

Manager is being upgraded constantly. (There have been about 10 new versions in the last couple days.) I recommend checking and downloading updates more frequently. That way, the changes won’t seem like such huge shocks by hitting you all at once.