Cash journal entries

I have just updated my Manager to version 15.2.35, as I wanted to use Capital accounts tab which is in newer version, and completely disorientated now.

It looks that most of my journals entries have disappeared even though I backed up just before downloading a new version and imported a file to a new version. When I want to make a journal entry there is no Cash at bank tab any more (even though it is in a setting) and there is no Cash (Petty cash or cash in hand).

I was wandered if there is an option to download the old version again.

All cash journal entries are now shown as regular “spend money” or “receive money” transactions under Bank Accounts or Cash Accounts tabs. And if you are spending money from bank account or cash account, these transactions need to be entered under those tabs directly.

The question is, why do you insist on journal entries?

Dear Lubos, You are a star! It is so simple and much easier now. I was trying to figure out something complicating lol. Thank you!