New install = doubled bank balance

I have been using Manager on older laptop without any worries for about 6 months.

Have purchased new laptop with Windows 8 and re-installed Manager. I imported my backup data from Dropbox file but when I enter onto the bank account the balance column figure is doubled what it actually should be.

If I enter onto the summary tab and click on the bank account from there the balance column is accurate

I have uninstalled and re-installed twice now and the problem remains.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Do you have any journal entries which debit or credit this bank account?

No journal entries.

Could you send your backup file to ?

Done …

OK, the problem is that your opening balance date is set to 01/07/2014 but you have quite a few bank transactions entered before 01/07/2014. Any transaction entered before opening balances date will be ignored as per general ledger.

When did you start using Manager day-to-day?

Started using Manager from 1st July 2014 (our new financial year), changed over from pen n paper…

So all those bank payments and bank receipts entered before 01/07/2014 should be deleted then. There is no way to bulk-delete but I’ll see if I can add it today for this use case.

Yes anything prior can be deleted, didnt think of that… so if I download bank transactions in future will those transactions prior to 1st July 2014 also be re-retrieved??

thank you for the quick replies too! :smile: