Restore without losing My data

Dear All,

Please can someone guide me how to restore manger without losing my data in manager

Many thanks

If you mean restoring an old backup without losing your current data, that’s easy - simply don’t re-name the backup file (leaving it as Company (yyyy-mm-dd).manager), and it’ll restore as a new company called “Company (yyyy-mm-dd)” alongside your existing company.

You’ll then be able to select the old company file to access data, before (presumably) deleting the company after you’ve finished.

@LegendChauffeurs, are your computer having trouble like ‘no response’ or you were recover from operating system malfunction?

You need to understand that the Manager application does not store any data. All you data is in an application data folder, with separate files for every business you might create, plus some administrative files, like an index. New versions of Manager call the same data. You can learn more here: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.