Can I retrieving my data on a new computer

My old computer has crashed. I now have a new computer and have installed Manager, how do I retrieve my company details with no back up files, is it possible?

Thank you.

Without backups of your Manager data files, no. Did you possibly make backups of your entire drive?

  1. From your backups of Manager
  2. From the old computer hard disk
  3. Recreate from source electronic data
  4. Recreate from source paper data

Note, the situation you find your self in occurs for everyone at some time. The pain involved is a function of each users preparation. Backups a highly recommended for all computer systems (separate to drive mirroring).

hi, I have partial access to my old hard drive so I’ll see how I go.

Thank you for your reply.

search for .Manager files
Application Data: Manage application data folder contents | Move desktop application data to another folder | Reduce data file size | Open a data file directly

Thank you for your response and advice, my fault but these things happen!