Backup, deletion, and reinstallation

Good Day

is there a way that i can backup and then delete my current manager and reinstall it and import the correct data that i have backed up.

If you mean that your existing business file is wrong you can

  1. Rename it - for example Business to BusinessBad
  2. Import a previous backup with the good data Business (2022.05.07) or whatever the backup is called
  3. Rename the backup Businesss (2022.05.07) to Business

You could also just correct or delete the transactions that are incorrect in you existing business

Have you read this guide?

Thank you, I will read the guide.


The question this raises for me is why you think you need to delete Manager? The application is separate from the data file. If something were wrong with the application, that can only mean you have a corrupted installation or there is a bug. A new installation would solve a corruption problem. But the developer needs a description of the incorrect behavior in order to fix a bug.

If there is something wrong with your data, backing up and restoring will only restore the error in the data. That is why @Joe91 described the process he did.

I also edited the subject of this thread, which does not involve uploads.