Back up and Restore

Is it possible to restore data that was not backup?

You need to provide more information. Was the drive where the data was stored lost or did it fail? What edition (desktop, server, cloud) are you using? Did you accidentally Remove a business that you want to keep? Or did you change data by mistake that you now want to recover?

Manager never deletes business data on its own, because it takes relatively little memory. So unless the drive where your business data file was stored is physically destroyed or non-functional, your data file can almost assuredly be recovered.

However, if you modified data without a prior backup, you cannot go back to it. This is why every entry requires and Update or confirmation of Delete action.

Thanks so much for your prompt intervention.

I am using Desktop Version.

My Hard Disc can not boot again. But I could access the files on it using External Hard Disc Case.

I was able to see the Data that were backed up but were not up to date.

I have got another Hard Disc and instal Manager. I want to know if I can still retrieve the updated data ( Not Back-up) by plugging in the old Hard Disc to my System!

Thank you!

Sanni Olatunji K.

your most recent data will be in your application data folder.
in Windows, by default it will be in _C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Manager_

if you had manually set a different application data folder, look for the Manager files there.
you can also try searching files with .manager extension in your old hard disk.

read the below guide to understand various files in your application data folder.

These two statements seem to contradict one another. How could you see backed-up data if there was no backup? And what do you mean that the data were not up to date? Does that mean the backup was not recent?

Be aware that Manager data files are probably hidden from normal view. So you will need to navigate directly to the data path location described in the link @sharpdrivetek posted or set your operating system to show hidden files.

As long as you can access the old hard disk, you should be able to recover the data. I recommend locating the application data folder and moving all of it to your new hard disk.

Thanks so much for your intervention.
I will do as you adviced and revert!

I followed your advice, the issue have been resolved, I now have my data up to date.

Thanks so much!

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I followed your advice, the issue have been resolved, I now have my data up to date.

Thanks so much!!