Restore backup

Hi i have lost my data file in manager Application, while i have upgraded my OS to windows 10.

kindly advise urgently how can i get the backup of that file as i have lost my all accounting data.

kindly help me on this some one on priority basis.


You need to furnish more information on what you did. An operating system update generally leaves all existing applications in place, as well as all supporting data. So your Manager accounting data would be right where it originally was. You should be able to open the program and continue as usual.

If you can’t do that, then you did more than update your OS.

if you had not manually made a backup anywhere then most probably the default My Documents folder would have been overwritten during the Windows upgrade. so your luck is minimal.

anyway do a file search for .manager extension.
if that does not help try any file recovery software like EaseUS.


Can we have call on this to discuss

Share me your number will call you to discuss

We have created the company in Manger io

And we have never taken the backup of that file. After that we have updated the OS and once we open the Manger io we could not see our company transaction details

So how can get the backup of that file

Company name starts with ARN Systems

Could you kindly help me on this issue

As we need to get the report at any cost.



No, I am sorry, we cannot have a call. I am not an employee of NGSoftware. I am a forum moderator, another user.

Support occurs on this forum. As I said before, you need to furnish more information, not just ask for help blindly. No one can give help without information.

Let’s start with your edition. Are you using the cloud edition? If so, all you need to do is log back into your account.

Or are you using the desktop edition, as seems more likely? If so, you were entirely responsible for making any backups of your business data file. No one else has any backup. But your data was never in the program. It is a data file in your application data folder. See this Guide for a discussion: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

I don’t know why your OS upgrade seems to have broken the link to your data file. The solution is to locate the data and import the business according to instructions here: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager. But understand one thing clearly: the Manager program did nothing to delete your data. No Manager update ever does. If your data is missing, it is because of something you did during the OS upgrade. Possibly, you made a choice to archive data somewhere. Possibly you erased or reformatted our drive first. Possibly, your data is sitting right where the program expects it to be, but needs to be imported. Only a complete description of the actions you took will help anyone guide you in trying to locate your data, if it can be recovered.