Files lost with computer crash

Our bookkeeping computer locked up and we had to restart it using one of the methods that supposedly didn’t lose data or programs. It would seem that all the files except the Manager records are intact. How can we find and use those files?

What sort of computer?
What edition of Manager - desktop, cloud, server?
What version of Manager?
What backup strategy, if any, was in place?

You have not given nearly enough information for anyone to help. In addition to the things @Joe91 requested:

  • Did you ever change the location of the application data folder?
  • How did you accomplish the “recovery?”
  • Did you have to reinstall Manager?
  • Have you launched Manager? If so, what happened?

Also - a warning to everyone to read the guide Backup, restore and transfer businesses
and, of course, follow the steps outlined in the Making a Backup section BEFORE the computer crashes

It is not a question of “will my computer crash?”, but a question of “when will my computer crash?”

Yes, indeed, a subject addressed in the last issue of the newsletter.

The operating system is windows 10
The Manager edition was desk top
I have no idea about the version of Manager

There was no back up strategy. The program was operated by a very technically illiterate attorney who want to, before all else, be in control of the money coming and going…some people who should be, but just can’t be dissuaded from stupidity

Although I should know, I don’t know the exact path I took to restart the computer. I believe I chose an option that was supposed to leave all programs and data intact.

Manager was not one of the existing programs listed in the applications when the computer was working again.I down loaded another Manager program that seems to work fine.

Does that mean the business was present on the Businesses page? If so, that would imply the original user left the default application data folder in place. The new version of Manager would automatically look in the same location and load all businesses listed in the index file, which is also in that folder. If the business was listed, nothing has been lost.

If the business is not there, you need to look for it. It will be somewhere, as long as you didn’t do something like reformatting the disk. Read this Guide first: The data is normally hidden, so you will have to take steps to show hidden files, or navigate to the folder by cutting and pasting.

If you don’t find it quickly, come back with very specific information and screen shots. No one else can see this computer or your records. And enforce some kind of backup strategy. It sounds like this was possibly just a computer freeze. But I absolutely, positively guarantee that eventually the storage drive on this computer will fail. Without a functioning backup plan, the accounting records of this business will one day most assuredly be lost.