Requisition forms

For a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO); is it possible to create “requisition form” in manager for internal requisitions?

What do you mean my “internal requisitions” ? What are the accounting implications of the transaction, if any?

There are Purchase order forms - is that what you are looking for?

Joe91, the accounting implication is similar to that of a purchase order, only difference is that a requisition would be used by ‘authorisers’ of payments situated in different offices i.e if cash is required to purchase office stationery, the accountant /requisitor raises a requisition of items needed then the approver will see the same in the system before the actual expenditure happens for them to give a go ahead. this is a common scenario with NGOs

So the end result is an approved “requisition order” which then is processed to purchase goods or services from outside the organisation?

That sounds like a Purchase Order (PO) to me - but there is no mechanism in Manager to manage the status of a PO. A custom field could be setup to track the status of the PO but there is no method to limit access to the form to control the change from Request to Approved

Great feedback here. As much as it may not be necessary to do the approvals in the system to have an “approved requisition order”; how can we have a requisition form just as we do for a PO; even if it means printing it out for manual approval. Alternatively; how can we rename a Purchase Order to Requisition form; the same way we have custom titles for Sales invoices.
This would help a lot if possible

Read the Guide: You would create a purchase order, but select a custom theme with the different title. Once approved, you could just switch the theme back to one without the title substitution and use it as a purchase order. Remember, purchase orders have no financial impact, so it doesn’t matter what you do with them. A custom field to indicate status would verify approval. (That requires no custom theme.)

It worked!!! Thanks alot @joe91@Tut