How to create "Service Order"

How can we create " Service Order" because there is no format in Business Manager.

What do you mean by “Service order”?

Dear Manager Forum,

We have “Purchse Order” form in Manager. Can we rename heading " Service Order or “Work Order” instead of purchase order text.
We want to take “Services” from our suppliers/vendors, so that we can issue Service Order on same format of purchase order by showing on print “Service Order” or Work Order.

We hope this is clarify now.


You cannot rename the Tab of the Module in any way.

About the printed file, since in this Module there is not the possibility to set a Custom Name, you can but only by creating a Custom Theme.

Dear Davide,

ok noted, but custom theme does not show on the original purchase order form. please refer to screenshot 1 of original manager form.
Please see screenshot 2 from “Learn how to…” where Tab custom theme is available. Please guide me in this regard.

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Activate a theme
Then the option to select it will appear on the edit screen of multiple existing documents as well as form defaults

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Please see attachments into the forum now for further guidelines.


you need to create a custom theme first before you can select it on the forms.

Read the Guide:

All the help you are giving him is good but all forms need custom title features. With that, you could head the document with Service Order when you want, Purchase Order when you want and Change Order if there is a replacement order for a service or a purchase order. @lubos I think it only fair you enable custom title for every form. It also brings consistency to the program.

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Good, i will read the guide to enable custom title for every form.

thank you very much for your guideline.

I agree with you.

@Abeiku, I agree with you too. All forms and customer/supplier statements need custom titles

Any transaction form can be given a new title, whether there is a built-in field to change it or not. See

@Tut I don’t think visiting the themes everytime you want to change a form title is best.
Changing it in the edit screen is coolest.

Think about it, @Abeiku. You create a custom theme for each of the “special titles” only once. Then, you check the custom theme box and choose your desired version from the dropdown list. Or you bypass that step for any form where you want to use the default version. That is faster than typing in the custom title every time you enter a transaction. And it gives more flexibility than setting a standard custom title under Form Defaults and having to edit it every time you want to use that type of transaction form for its regular purpose. In other words, you create the options one time. Then they are available for instant use whenever you need them.

I agree @Tut