Approvals/Authorizations for Purchase Orders

This is wishful thinking really, but I was just wondering if we can consider having a Purchase Order approval process. Once a Purchase Order is created by any Coordinator or Employee, maybe it will have “DRAFT” watermarked across it, and it will appear as a list on the Purchase Manager/General Manager’s list to approve the POs.

As an organization grows from a single person company to having about 7 or 8 employees, i Think this will become an important consideration to avoid unauthorized Purchase Orders.

You can do this with a custom field and have the custom field show in the listings and on the document. The bigger issue is management control; that is, who has the access and permissions necessary to modify the document. If anyone can get in, anyone can change the status.

The custom field, of course, does not produce a watermark.

Is there a likelihood that this functionality has been incorporated in this great software?
If not, are there prospects?

Probably not, since you can already do this, as was explained, with custom fields.

@Tut above is well noted.assume we have three custom fields for approval processes e.g …requested by, prepared,approved by,
The one requesting should not approve,right? is it possible to give partial rights on the PO. Hope am not taking the discussion back.

It is not possible to give permissions on a field by field basis. The problem you are trying to solve isn’t an accounting issue, but one of management oversight.