Custom Title for Purchase Quote

Can purchase quote have a custom title option just like sales quote. This is because some requests are made internally by management for office purchasing and it should bear a title like Item Request etc @lubos .

Purchase quotes are not internal. They can only go to external suppliers. Nevertheless, you can change a title to anything you want with a custom theme. See

Thank @Tut

@Tut think it time we had a requisition form feature.

This isn’t the first time this has been asked Requisition forms . Since it just a form which has no link to the general ledger I don’t think it will be hard to add to the app. You get to have your requisition number referenced in all the entries related to it. This is the workflow/Uses:

  1. Requisition Form >> Purchase Quote >> Purchase Order/Service Order >> Purchase Invoice/Goods Received notes >> Spend Money. (for dealing with suppliers) You can jump straight to Purchase Invoice, PO, or Goods received notes or Spend money)

  2. Requisition Form >> Spend Money ( for advancing money to staff or prepayments to suppliers)

  3. Requisition Form >> Inventory Write Off (Getting Inventory items issued to someone for consumption within the organisation)

  4. Requisition Form >> Inventory Transfer (To transfer materials to production Location / Another Inventory location)

The good thing with this is that the Requisition Form reference number gets shown on all the forms related to it. Helps in tracking expenses and internal permission management. Many companies use Purchase requisition forms but to get it in the accounting app makes things easier. @lubos?

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