Purchase quote?

Is there any such thing ?

I want to create a purchase order pretty much for the first time and want to input my quantities with some prices . A bit like a sales quote but in the reverse . If it is accepted , then I can convert it to a Purchase Order ?

Quickbooks I think has a an ‘RFQ’ (request for quote) option that can be then converted to a purchase order .

What I am hoping for is to be able to input the information once into the program and for their to be continuity from then on .


There is no such separate thing as a purchase quote or RFP in Manager.

Why do you want to convert a purchase order to a purchase order?

What you can do is to retitle a sales quote as Request for Quote or something similar. When the supplier responds, you can edit that quote and copy it to a Purchase Order. Sales quotes have no financial impact in the program. They can be shortcuts for data entry, though, used as a source document for copying to other transactions.

Goodo !!

Makes sense then .

Presently I create Bills of Quantities in Excel that eventually have to make there way onto a purchase order .

And am looking at ways to reduce time and effort and tie things together a bit better and don’t have a sales background .