Requisition Workflow In Manager

@lubos, Inventory management is central to many businesses and at the heart of it is the movement of inventory and tracking of inventory balances.

I suggest the implementation of a new tab called Material/Inventory Request which will be where users request inventory items from stores (internal need) and from suppliers. Requisitions will have Reference numbers that will also appear on forms (Inventory Transfer, Purchase Quote, and so on) linked with the requisition.

It can have the following statuses.

  1. Pending (Amber)

  2. Completed (Green)

  3. Partially completed (Green)*

  4. Cancelled (greyed)

Users will use the Copy to button to copy from the Requisition form to:

  1. Inventory Transfers (internal need)

  2. Purchase Quote

  3. Purchase Order

  4. Purchase Invoice

  5. Goods Received Note.

When a request is copied to any of the items above, mark the requisition form completed. If the number of requested items isn’t fulfilled, mark it as partially completed.

The requisition form can be made to use Non-inventory items too, for Service Orders/Request.

My Idea of the tab: