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Simmetrically to the sales quotes why not create a module to register purchase quotes we receive?

It could be added. But do you really want to go through hassle entering them? What would be the benefit of retaining your purchase quotes in Manager?

With sales quotes it makes sense because you end up always printing it or emailing it to customer, then maybe converting it to sales order or sales invoice.

We have an internal purchase procedure, which contemplate the mapping of quotes that are internally approved (pro forma) since we don’t do the purchase orders (we are a real estate company that sign contracts and don’t do orders). So for us it would be great to have this option.

Added to the latest version (19.9.48).

This tab makes it easy to generate requests for quotation too. If amounts are not entered on line items, when viewing the document, amount column will be hidden and the document will be named Request for Quotation which can be sent to supplier.

Once quote is obtained, then amounts can be entered in.


hello Lubos
this is a great features, unfortunately unable to find it and I’m using v19.9.48 please advice

Click on “Customize” at the bottom-left of your screen and you can activate this module


Hello @lubos this is an excellent tool with which we can now easily issue out an invitation for quotes/tender from suppliers, well done. Can you add a date field for the deadline? purchase quotes are submitted within a finite deadline.

And add it to form templates as well. I want to tick the automatic for the referencing field for every invitation

Thank you

great addition @lubos
a small improvement can be made by providing a status column to show Pending when the amounts are not entered and Completed when the quote is edited with the amount.

Thanks @lubos for this much required feature which I have requested.

The Purchase Quotes are a great addition. Thank you @lubos. On a related note, so far it is not possible to set form defaults for the purchase quotes, which is needed for example to use a custom theme as default. Is it possible to consider this improvement in the near future?

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