Request for quotation (RFQ) form

Could you add in a module for RFQ (Request For Quote), where in we send it the supplier requesting for Quote, it could be useful for sourcing activities.


I will add it if more users think they would use it. I’ll wait for more feedback on this.

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I would also like for this function to be implemented. Thanks.


I would also like the function


Please add it. it will really help our business


Hi @lubos
Is it possible to have RFQ module added some time this year (2018)?
It would help us recording creating RFQ and convert RFQ to PO without maintaining another excel or system.
Many thanks in advance


You could use custom fields to specify whether a Purchase Order is a RFQ or a full PO.

For example, a ‘status’ field could be added.

Please also add feature to compare multiple quotes and items on a quote. To pick the Items with the best price and split the RFQ when moving to PO.

Manager is an accounting system, not a Purchasing Management sysytem

You are right. But haven studied manager for sometimes now, I believe the vision of the developers goes beyond just an ordinary accounting system to building a unique system that will make the business accounting management processes more easier. I think it is not bad to add that feature.

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I think it is not about how Manager is defined, rather how it can help your customer be more efficient with their job. Given that your customer base is likely to be small/medium businesses, anything that can save their time is critical.
While RFQ may be in the realm of PO system, the PO data becomes an entry point for the monthly invoices.
I’m not suggesting to include a sophisticated PO function into Manager, but rather a simple function to create/print RFQ and keeping a record of historical prices for future negotiations.

This would be very useful.,…to have an RFQ module and also a PO management which will track the pending schedules and suplies

@lubos has an idea to implement purchase work flow and sales workflow, which will have order balances. I have been pushing for this for a very long time now because in my company and many other companies in Ghana we do progressive invoicing to our customers based on POs. So the balance on POs must always be known. We also Send POs to our suppliers some of who also do progressive invoicing.

Check this thread Managing Sales and Purchases Orders (Advanced Features Request/Suggestion) - #12 by ShaneAU Read to the end

A feature that will enable tracking of the balances on orders (Sales/purchases) is much needed for the management of sales and purchases.
On the RFQ I think the opposite is the sales Quote which already exists.

This would really be a great feature and help


I get the feeling there will be dual recording system the way I see it. one is for orders and productions which not affect the financial report since it is (WIP) process it can be also futuristic accounting, one is for accounting records for final process which is trading.

@acecombat2, there is no such thing as “futuristic accounting.” Accounting records transactions that have occurred. Sales or purchase orders and sales quotes do not have financial effects because no money has moved between accounts. They are not “work in progress” from an accounting perspective. Work in progress involves actual expenditures that have not yet proceeded to a completed state, such as billable labor that has not been invoiced, partially completed production, and so forth. Such things are entirely different from, for example, a sales order, which is just a way of recording information about what you will be selling to a customer. Thus, in Manager, a sales order is a place to enter information so it can later be converted to a sales invoice.

Production orders, on the other hand, certainly do affect the financial reports. They record expenses involved with generating inventory assets, or they convert one form of inventory asset into another. They are real transactions with current effects.

I’m not capable explaining myself well what I meant of futuristic accounting. The one I had in mind that it has cost accounting on top of projected cashflow, is an extension of budget feature. Usually are used for projects, R&D and manufacturing.

I leave it for now. I don’t think we are there yet. @Tut

@acecombat2, what you speak about involves forecasting. And Manager has nothing in that respect. Even the budget report is not a forecast. That is only a report that compares current accounting with fixed inputs you provide.

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@tut. Like I said, is an extension of budget. When you input something not definite, is already called estimates. When you have a lot of historical data, in this case current Manager Accounting. it is forecasting. The feature will capture the companies that usual need forecasting for finance management. I stop here @Tut is still a long way to go.