Purchase Quotes

Is it possible to add Purchase Quotes, so that we can write the quote that we have received via phone or email so that we don’t forget those quotes?

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you can enable and use Folders to save a copy of email or any document.


@sharpdrivetek’s idea is probably the best approach for you. I don’t think you are likely to see a purchase quote feature in Manager, because a purchase quote would be a document generated by the supplier, not your company. The first action you take would be to create a purchase order, and even those have no financial impact. They are useful for starting a work flow, because they can be copied to purchase invoices.

Manager is not a supply chain management tool, and there have been no indications from the developer he intends to move in that direction.

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Great, ty

Thank you, i will try this

We plan to use Purchase Quotes [PQ] for multiple scenarios. It is therefore requested to please add total two more options in PQ:

  1. Estimate Closing Date
  2. Completed [Selected, Pending, Rejection etc option or date]


Use custom fields.