Purchase Orders ability

Very nice product - Certainly is better than the traditional software out there. Currently using this for my start-up IT business and so far have been impressed the ease of use and functionality that this product brings.

I would like to request a Purchase Ordering system. This would be a huge time saver for me instead of having to manually create a Purchase Order every time I need to purchase items from a credit supplier.

What happens when you create purchase order? Do you need ability to covert it into Purchase Invoice? Is that enough to start with?

Hi, I don’t appear to be able to create any purchase orders. These are documents I want to send to suppliers so I can obtain goods through credit account. It would probably be good if I created a purchase order (similar to the Tax Invoice template) that then could be sent to the company and then they send me an invoice to pay which goes under bills.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi, After going away and thinking about it, I probably should have summarised for you what I think would be a great addition (and hopefully not too much work for you to develop :smile )

  1. Ability to create Purchase Orders to send to suppliers to obtain goods on a credit account
  2. When supplier invoices my company, it gets integrated with the Bills section
  3. Use similar template to the Tax Invoice but obviously modified to look like purchase order

An example of what I would ideally like to see in your product (soonish haha) is here - I don’t know what other members think about it, but it would be a nice addition to see.

Many Thanks,

I will implement ability to create purchase orders this weekend. Then we see what’s next on the list.

Thank you, I look forward to seeing it :smile:

I’ve added “Purchase Orders” plugin. Have a look at it and let me know where we take it from there.

Thanks for creating the template Lubos - much appreciated and it will certainly make my life a lot easier having everything I need under one great application. Is it possible to have you make the following modifications:

  • “Quantity” column added before the “Description” column.
  • Change the name “Order” to “Purchase Order”.
  • Add a “Comments” section to the bottom left of Purchase Order - This allows special notes to be added such as procurement timeframe etc.
  • Add an “Authorised By ” to bottom right hand corner with our name prefilled (maybe through the wizard to create the purchase order we can type our name in).

Sorry for the extra work but I think this would polish the product nicely :smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Sorry one more thing…

Can we have the fields for Sub-total, GST 10% and then Total added to it aswell

Done. Have a look at the latest version.

That looks pretty good so far mate, Just one more quick thing and then I am happy to say that it is a complete plugin… unless something else hits me while I am asleep :smile:

If you can where it calculates the total money can it be done similar to the Quote and Tax Invoice templates where you have the sub-total, GST 10% and then the Total.

I think this is controlled by the “Tax Exclusive” control you have on the other forms.

Many Thanks - I will be certainly recommending your product to others. This is a great replacement for the other tools that are out there.

Hi I am pretty much new to the program, but i find it very and easy and very good.
This might be a bug in the system, in the purchase order invoice, the tax calculation is incorrect and also the tax and the subtotal amount does not add up to the total amount.
Please let me know if there is coming up solution for this


Currently, tax is being included in “Sub-total” amount.

So it’s not wrong, it’s just different style of presenting figures. If you need sub-total to be tax-exclusive, then it is the same what @sandrews is requesting and work is in progress to implement this.

On the purchase order invoice the tax calculation is slightly off by around 2%, is it possible to take a look. I used custom tax with tax rate as 13%.
I can send a screen capture but forum does not allow new users to upload the images.

version 13.11


Remember, the amount is tax-inclusive.

So if the tax-inclusive price is $1,000. then 13% tax on $1,000 is not $130, it’s actually $115.05

$1,000 / (100%+13%) * 13% = $1,000 / 113% * 13% = $8.85 * 13% = $115.05

Hi this program rocks

is there an list like the Invoice items list that we can add in the items in the purchase order

Not yet but I can see why would this be useful. I’ll put it on my todo list.

Thank you So much

I would like to donate some money toward the development of this program is this possible