Request inventory location in each line

We have more than one inventory location in the factory and we sell an order to the customer collected from more than one stock location.
So I can’t create a single invoice because there’s no inventory location allocation feature for each line individually.

I suggest that this be an option within the invoice options.

Please help.

I expect this feature should be available in all types of invoices.

I also have a question: Is it possible to create a window for the user’s efforts in the process of inventory and matching inventory on the ground
This may be called in some accounting terms “inventory adjustment”

Please search the forum before posting. It was already made clear by @Tut in the below post from November 2020 that:

Tut Nov '20
First, you must create inventory locations and assign inventory items to them. See . In general, an inventory location field will then appear after you select an inventory item on a sales or purchase form (receipt, payment, or invoice).
But you can only choose one inventory location per transaction. If you have line items to be sold from or purchased for separate inventory locations, you must enter separate transactions for each location.
Also read the Guide about inventory transfers: Transfer inventory between locations | Manager.

That’s not helpful.
I ask to add this feature because the situation as it is now does not seem to help the user who owns a many inventory location and wants to issue a single invoice for items belonging to more than one location

Because it doesn’t make sense for the customer to issue more than one sales bill because he bought more than one item from you.
for example, 3 sales invoice because he bought from you 3 goods, each of which belongs to a different inventory location … Right

I know that it is not the answer you hope for and will not help you with your issue, but that is what it is. Take care.

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Is there anyone who gives us an answer to what we want guys

This is not a new suggestion. Have you searched the forum regarding related discussions? Maybe reading them and explaining your views in the same topic will give a collective idea to the developer than splitting discussions in different topics.

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