Inventory locations, Sales Invoice with items from multiple locations


Is there a recommended way to handle inventory locations when one sale incorporates items from several locations? Inventory location can be specified on the sales invoice, but what if the items sold are stored in two different locations?

At the moment I have unique item codes for the various inventory locations. However, moving inventory between locations is not done easily when the location is incorporated in the item code. It involves inventory write-offs and production orders with clearing expense accounts.

If there is a way to use the built-in location feature on a per-item level when creating invoices (similar to where tracking code is entered) that would be highly useful.

Why do you have unique inventory item per location? Do not do that.

Inventory item qty can be spread across multiple inventory locations. You can use Inventory Transfers tab to transfer item quantities between locations.

There is one online sales channel and 3 different locations. The customer chooses from where to buy items. We receive an order with items spread across several locations sometimes. At the moment, I have not found a way to record a sale when the inventory comes from more than one location. As such, I added location information to the product code, like recommend in this forum 4-5 years ago by other members.

However, if it was possible to specify inventory location for individual items on an invoice, I could migrate to the inventory locations system properly.

Is there any recommended way to work with inventory locations when transactions often involve more than one location?

There is Inventory Transfers tab to move inventory items to location where they are needed.

Hi Lubos, thanking you for your efforts.

Continuing the above query, i have different items (unique item code) in different locations all are prepared through production order and purchase invoiced properly as per location.
Now costumer purchases different items from multiple locations. How may i incorporate different items having multiple locations in single sales invoice, as sales invoice is giving only one location option for all items sold.
Inventory transfer will might do the thing but isnt it unrealistic that i am dispatching thing from aonther city and delibratly show it from other city by inventory transfer.

When you state “location” do you mean Division? Each line item can be assigned in Purchase and Sales Invoices to Divisions. So item 1 can be in Division 1 and Item 2 in Division 2. In addition, you should keep the Inventory Locations in Settings as well so Inventory transfers can take place also.

I do the following:

Each item in manager is unique. There are no item codes for location, just Widget A, Widget B and so forth. Through goods receipts and inventory transfers, all inventory is accounted for in multiple locations using the manager features for inventory locations.

If I get a sale and it incorporates several items from several locations, I do the following. Let’s do an example:
3 x Widget A from North Warehouse
6 x Widget B from South Warehouse
1 x Widget A from South Warehouse

Sales Invoice:
4 x Widget A
6 x Widget B

When I ship inventory from North Warehouse, I go to the invoice, then copy to delivery note:
3 x Widget A, and select North Warehouse from the location dropdown

When I ship inventory from the South Warehouse, I again go to the invoice and copy to a new delivery note:
1 x Widget A, 6 x Widget B, and I select the South Warehouse from the location dropdown.

The point is, the invoice doesn’t need to record location information. It just needs to list the products sold, prices and quantities and terms accurately. Once you physically move inventory you can record the movement with a delivery note.

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Good explanation and observation. There are many ways that lead to Rome :wink:

Thank u for detail…

You are currently first making Sales invoice and then number of delivery notes according to locations. And secondly you are controlling inventory movement only through delivery note not sale invoice. Right

1, My business flow nature is first delivery note and then sales invoice. We cannot assume value of goods before delivery, this depends on how much of items truck might contain at time of delivery. So when delivering goods from two inventory locations on same costumer order we make two delivery notes as one delivery note gave one inventory location option.

2, Now we have two delivery notes to be incorporated in one invoice. First problem is i can only choose one delivery note to copy for invoice and then have to manually enter other delivery note items in it to complete its dispatched invoice value. Second is a confusion that what inventory location option in sale invoice reflects. As it has no impact on quantity of items to be delivered.

Kindly anyone guide either its my error of working or Manger limitation.

If You Are not using Delivery notes Then it may be used to track Location from where Item is Delivered.

Read this It will Solve Your Issue

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Thanks It worked.