Request for sales invoice items by customer report


In the previous version we were able to see the list of items/products sold to a particular customer; Customer > Qty to deliver. But now when clicking that it doesn’t display, it only displays the items which need to be delivered (items of which delivery note need to be produced).

We would like to see the list of items / products sold to a particular customer. please help.

I think that “Customer -> Qty to deliver”, shows what it should show.
The report you request “Items sold by customer” is something that will help sales person to do their job better and should be implemented

This was never true. That field has always shown the sum of quantities from line items on unfulfilled sales invoices.

A report of Sales Invoice Items by Customer could make sense. I have retitled this topic and moved it to the ideas category.

Thanks @Tut and @pandhm

Is there any update on report “Items sold by customer”? @lubos

I’m working on finalizing custom reports. You will be able to get this information easily using custom reports.

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Thanks @lubos, i was about to repost on the other thread reqarding this

@lubos Any update on this report, if it’s available can you guide me to getting this report. Thanks.

Is this report available, if yes can you guide me to getting this report. Thanks.

@mfatehi, have you tried building a custom report? I just posted a sample query today that will give this information. (It actually gives more, but can be edited to limit it to what you want.) See Sales Invoice by Date Range with Details Items.