Client wise delivery report

Is there any way I can create a client wise report of my deliveries stating delivery date, number and quantity?

No. You are applying too many filters at once (customer, delivery date, number, quantity). Maybe when custom reports are further developed.

By the way, what do you intend as the difference between number and quantity? Are you referring to delivery note number? Invoice number?

I am forced to bump this topic again as I am facing serious trouble to reconcile deliveries of multiple items to different customers. My customers are demanding statement of deliveries of all items for a period of time which isn’t achievable easily as the current delivery reporting is still insufficient and custom report isn’t versatile yet. Current method to achieve such report is by going to Inventory Items qty owned, qty on hand module. But it is impossible to memorize which customer bought which items as I have 217 items and 36K Delivery Notes

I think the delivery reports must be improved urgently. I have few ideas which @lubos could consider to implement.

  1. Qty to be shown as column in Delivery Notes
  2. New reports just like Sales Invoice currently offers e.g. Deliveries by item, delivery to customer, etc.
  3. Custom report improvement basis date, customer, item and quantity

@lubos I need your attention here. I have more than 311 client whose deliveries as per their respective sales has to be reconciled. Manager currently has no way to reconcile under which particular invoice deliveries are pending or delivered more than sold qty. It’s very urgent. I am facing tremendous pressure from customers as I have no other way as of now.

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If I understand correctly what you want to do, @raJ, you can do it through the Inventory Items tab, assuming you are using delivery notes. Click on the Qty to deliver figure. Then click on a particular customer’s Qty to deliver number. You will see a list of invoices including that inventory item.

I know how to trace qty to deliver to respective customers. But I don’t know which deliveries in the list is corresponding to which invoices. That is what I need to know.

If you follow the drill-down all the way as I described, you get exactly that. It sounds like you are stopping one step short of the answer you want.

There are 964 deliveries against 10 invoices in different dates. Sales invoices has different prices for the same product. But deliveries were made in different dates against their respective sales invoices. Can you now tell me under which sales invoice -34.660 is over delivered?

In this case, I have to increase that particular invoice quantity to adjust the over delivery.

In other cases if the quantity was less delivered than the original invoice - then I would have to decrease that respective invoice quantity to adjust.

None. That number is a total for all sales invoices and their corresponding delivery notes for the particular customer and is not useful for your purpose, because in the situation you described it is likely that no single invoice was over-delivered by 34.660 units.

If you are going to follow this workflow of adjusting sales invoices after delivery, you need to implement a procedure for adjusting quantities on a timely basis, rather than after 964 deliveries. I admit that seems like a daunting task.

Unfortunately, you cannot copy a delivery note to a sales invoice. That would be ideal for your situation.

@lubos I believe the delivery report in manager is still overlooked for some reason I am desperate to know about. I am still matching the sold qty and delivered qty of each product to customers manually which now seems practically impossible as our operation has increased exponentially. Also noticed, customs report has no option to provide delivery reports either which is surprising to me.

I don’t know if other manager users have the same business pattern as mine where we deliver products first and bill later. But I am sure that I am not just the one in this kind of trade.

Could you please check if delivery reports could be generated same way as sales invoice reports?

Imo the most likely way to get this report is via a report transformation.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge about scripts in report transformation feature

@raJ, I notice you have not voted for the idea that would solve your problem: Delivery notes copy to sales invoice.

I also suggest that your problem could be solved by a change in workflow. Instead of beginning with a sales invoice, why not start with a sales order? From the sales order, you can make your delivery of goods. Once you know the exact quantity delivered, you can edit the sales order. Then, copy it to both a sales invoice and a delivery note.

You are always going to have the requirement of adjusting the quantity delivered somewhere in the system before sending the final sales invoice. The sales order gives you a place to do it that (1) does not have any financial impact and (2) allows copying to both delivery notes and sales invoices.

This feature will be great.

The beginning is from delivery notes and not from sales invoice or sales order. It is impossible to correct 200+ sales invoice and/or sales order back and forth regularly which could hamper workflow and could be mistaken easily.

Not really, because I will invoice the customer for the specific product against the relevant deliveries.

For your better understading, I have attached:

Qty on hand which just shows description and NOT customer:

And if you go to Delivery Note for identifying which customer took delivery then you can’t see quantity:

Also attached inventory quantity summary of the item which shows customer:

Since manager doesn’t show deliveries of each customer in any module including the Delivery Note itself, so the delivery notes has to be opened one by one manually of each item and total all the qty of each item to create invoice against that particular customer which is really cumbersome.

I have 117 deliveries against 73 invoices as of now and shall continue until day close.

I understand this is your current workflow. I am suggesting a different workflow that solves the problem.

Thank you for the suggestion but I don’t think your suggested workflow will be solving the problem.

@lubos Can you atleast make the Qty on hand to show the name of customer who took the delivery of each item just the same like it shows in Qty owned tab so that we can reconcile all deliveries with their respective billing?

Why not? The “problem” you reported came from having to edit sales invoices to adjust quantities actually delivered, because you create the sales invoices first and deliver different quantities later. Creating a sales order first, as you deliver goods, lets you enter a quantity only once, then copy it to both sales invoice and delivery note.