Custom report Customer and products

Hi, I am trying to find a way to create a report showing me what items and their quantity my customers have purchased for a set time period. I need it to show the customer / item / quantity for that item.

Can someone help?
Thank you.

Use a custom report. What you want will be fairly complex, with filters and grouping. See

out the customer name in field as is shown in the picture in the attached post
f you change standart item descriptions in the invoice or use several ones for one item it will not work

Thanks for the tips, I will try to see what I can do.

i used the setting you put, it gave me almost what i need.
for some reason it is not showing the Item Code, even though i have chosen that item in the report settings.

Show a screen shot of your custom report definition page. Then show the resulting report (at least the headings and a few rows).

here is the screen shots of the custom report. I just edited the picture where the field “customer is…” for confidentiality reasons.

all my products have an item code, and this is how i use them on the sales invoice, purchase order, delivery note, etc. this is why i need the report to show the item code; as the description is not enough for me to know which product it is.

What you must remember about custom reports that query general ledger transactions is that not every ledger transaction contains all the information from the form that generated it. It is, therefore, easy to over-specify a query or include meaningless filters.

For example, once you apply the filter of Account is Inventory - sales, you no longer have inventory item codes included. Those just are not written to the Inventory - sales account. The same is true when you specify a customer. So your custom report design includes two filters that select ledger entries without item codes.

The only way I could figure out to display item codes was as follows, leaving out references to customers:

I don’t think it’s going to give you what you want.

Thanks for your reply and trying to help out. I will make the report manually for my customer, however it would be great to have such a report available in later versions of Manager.

Hi Again, i managed to get somewhere with this report.
I got it to show me all the Item Codes grouped with their qty and amount. I am now having problems with two things: date and customer . I want to see the invoice issue date and only for 1 customer.

If I choose customer name or any of the customer options on select, it doesnt show me nothing. if i choose Invoice issue date it comes back with nothing as well. the Date option in select gives me some dates which i cannot reference to nothing (purhase date, invoice date, goods receipt date, etc).

here is Report Edit screen shot.

and the report:

just erased the amount.

where do you specify the customer ?
if you need the customer but only the items movement try inventory quantity summary report

I have been trying for a long time to get to a similar report. Now the version of Manager has probably changed too since this post was posted. We use the Cloud version. Can someone please help me to create a Custom Report that shows how many items and/or how much value of that item a client has purchased over a selected period of time?

Basically what I would like to see as a result of the report is something similar to the following:

Screenshot 2021-09-17 16.29.06

I think this is a very basic report, a very important one as it tells one of the most important things: what customers buy. But in the standard report it is only possible to see value sales per customers or per items, while there is no easy option for combining the two pieces information and add the inventory sales quantities.

Also it would help a lot to have a much thorough guide on this Custom Reports as they are pretty complicated and the fields have names that are basically impossible to understand, such as QtyMulpipleByNegativeOne.

Try this:

Make sure that on the Where line, “Inventory - sales” is typed correctly.


thanks a lot, It is working and very good for all

@dcVest Sorry for the late reply. It works and it is really amazing, thanks! I wonder why these reports cannot be more intuitive.

How would you do it for supplier instead in roder to see purchases and value of purchases from each supplier?

Unable to find highlighted below, please help

Look again because it’s there (at least in Linux Server v21.11.54) but you’ll have to scroll down and load all results or type in Qty and wait until the search has finished: