Invoice item sales summary report

Is there a way to see how many of a certain item you have sold?

Not at the moment. When inventory module is added, it will contain this report.


Hi @lubos is it possible now ?

You have the inventory quantity report and also custom reports.

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Inventory Quantity Summary provides this information. Did you look at the Reports tab before posting? You responded to a six year old post, from before Manager included any inventory functions.

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yes, I was using Goods Receipt module, disabled it now, still learning this software, be ready for more silly questions :slight_smile:

This and other questions you have asked suggest you should first spend some time reading the Guides.

using both guides and forum at same time :slight_smile:

the forum should be used only when you experience difficulties in using Manager which is different from what has been explained in the guides.
please read the forum rules FAQ - Manager Forum

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will do, much appreciated