Help needed - Sales orders - Custom reports


I’m trying to achieve this report through custom report: amount of items ordered (so sales orders, line by line) grouped by customer.

Second, I would like to achieve the same thing but grouped by a custom field.

Third, is it possible to have a list of all items in the database (also inventory kits) linked to an order (or a sale)?

Can someone help me?

Such a custom report is not possible, because sales orders are not general ledger transactions. And quantities ordered are not stored in the database. Manager currently has no ability to obligate items on the basis of sales orders. Nor can it anticipate items on the basis of purchase orders.

If I click the tab of the module I can see the data, so they are stored in the database. Not for sure in the general ledger transaction but in another table… I think that @lubos should expose also this table to custom report.

Yes, I was not precise. The quantities ordered are stored as part of the sales order transaction record, but not as part of any general ledger transaction.

The ability to integrate sales and purchase orders into inventory management has been promised for a long time. I think that isn’t a trivial addition.

I’m not asking for an integration but only to have access to the actual table in order to make a custom report.

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you can clearly do this, Go to Reports / Custom Reports. ( you can choose your columns and have order by, group by to your wish) if you are not seeing this option then you may have to upgrade version. ( im able to see this in version 18.10.96)

This is one of the very useful reports. And the custom building is excellent option. Thanks to Lubos.

But the salesorder Amount is not available in the list of report building,
And i suggest that report building (operator) should automatically consider the upper/lower case of alphabets.

You cannot choose order lines but only headers